Welcome to Mobile County's First Roundabout Project.

Important note: To view the videos offered on this page, you will need to have a video player on your computer that allows you to view Flash. You will be prompted to download a copy if it is not already on your computer. A few of the videos use Windows Media Files. If you cannot view them, you may want to download Windows Media Player or review the PDF overview.

The intersection of Dawes Rd., Grelot Rd. and Air Terminal Dr., will be opening soon as our first roundabout intersection project. The following informational videos, shown below, are presented to help you, the driver, to visually acquire a sense of “how to use” this new type of intersection.

What is a Roundabout?

Included, at the top of the list, is an overview of what a roundabout is, from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). This is an abbreviated version. To see the full version, go to . This video is slow to download!

Overview of Mobile's Roundabout

Next is an overview of our roundabout ; where it is located in the county, how you can connect to other roadways in the area, a new connection (Air Terminal Dr.) to the Mobile Regional Airport and toward Baker High School, and a printable PDF layout to learn the details of the entering and exiting locations.

How To Navigate Specific Routes on Mobile's Roundabout

After reviewing the overviews, please look below and click on your route choice. A demonstration video about how to drive each route is available for your viewing. Simply choose the roadways you will be using to enter and exit the roundabout.

As an example: If you are on Dawes Rd., north of the roundabout, traveling south, and you are wanting to travel to Grelot Rd. toward Schillinger Rd., you will click on the title: “Drivers on Dawes Rd north of roundabout.” A list of connecting routes will pop up, allowing you to choose your preferred exit. The 4th choice - “Dawes Rd north of roundabout to Grelot Rd east” - is the video you would want to review.

Please review as many as you wish. Many choices are given. You may find “new ways” of traveling that will help you with your trips.

In the future, other roundabout projects will be constructed and we will keep you informed!

Modern Roundabouts: A Safer Choice Dawes Rd, Grelot Rd, Air Terminal Dr, Roundabout Overview Drivers on Air Terminal Dr north of roundabout Drivers on Dawes Rd north of roundabout Drivers on Dawes Rd south of roundabout Drivers on Grelot Rd east of roundabout Drivers on Grelot Rd west of roundabout Drivers on Oak Pointe Subdivision Roundabout printable overview

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